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Baiyun Mountain (Guangzhou)

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Baiyun Mountain (Guangzhou) ni kivutio cha utalii katika Guangzhou , Uchina

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Matt Conger
20 July 2013
Excellent 5元 豆腐花 (silky tofu) on the top of the mountain!
Yuliia Chepakova
19 January 2015
Wonderful place for hiking, walking, enjoying fresh air after a heavy week. Best place after Canton Tower to enjoy the amazing especially evening view over the Guangzhou city.
15 December 2011
Impressive and I really don't feel any exhausted at the way back though it's a long way to walk~ Take a deep breath for fresh air there! It's amazing~
15 December 2011
Great atmosphere.. I went up with cable car which is pretty scary somehow coz of the height but u can c all nice scenery around.. Then on the way back just walk down to the foot of mountain!
Gerardo Remis
26 October 2017
Exciting to climb it
鹏程 李
16 April 2016
you can only take it as a beautiful big park!
Melanie Z
2 March 2016
Nice View... and Cable Cars is the Best☺
Beni Bear
15 June 2015
You should go there if you are coming to Guangzhou.
5 February 2014
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James Yong
15 November 2013
Nice dim sum breakfast !
Hugo Wu
21 October 2013
Great View from west gate! Also Many pretties there.
Romeo Aung
17 August 2013
Very scenic up top .. Go up with cable car and walk down.. Takes about 50mins but scenery along the road's worth it :)
Elton Chan
14 April 2010
Oskar Boss
18 January 2015
Отличное место для воскресного отдыха
19 December 2014
görüp görebileceğiniz en dogal en güzel mekanlardan biri 👍👍
鉛 筆
4 February 2014
12 January 2014
Lente telefoto é necessária para fotografar o panorama urbano. Filtro polarizador ajuda a reduzir os reflexos da poluição. Bring a telephoto lens to photograph the skyline from a distance.
Denis Lepeskin
29 December 2013
идите назад северным маршрутом
18 January 2013
可以考虑 坐缆车上去,步行下来。上缆车票25RMB/adult;下山缆车票是20/adult。
Wenger Zhu
16 April 2012
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